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Parent-blaming, Free Will, and Collectivism – East Asian vs. Western Perspective.

Parent Blaming on TV East Asian and Western societies have very different perspectives towards the parents/guardians of criminals. Nowadays in East Asia, it's still very common –especially among older generations– to blame the parents of ...

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The Democratic Game (draft)

In this website, we refer to as game any system where different parties (humans and fictitious entities) can participate. Goals are given to each party (potentially different), and each party can act within a predefined ...

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How the Discrete Emerges from the Continuous

As humans, we like to categorize continuous things into discrete categories. I used to think how arbitrary it is to set artifical thresholds over a continuous metrics in order to segment the world into discrete ...

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Revisiting the Id, Ego, and Superego

Freud's model The id, ego, and superego model is a psychiatric model theorized by Sigmund Freud. The human mind is factorized into an animal-like and impulsive part (id), a rational action taker (ego), and the ...

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